Young Magneto and Professor X Doing Impressions of Old Magneto and Professor X

Just to make Days of Future Past even MORE confusing!
By Emy LaCroix
  • Fassbender & McAvoy Doing Impressions

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    Why doesn’t Magneto wear his old costume anymore? Because days of fuchsia passed. HA!

    If that was the funniest thing you’ve heard relating to the new X-men movie then boy are you in for a treat.

    Patrick Stewart and ian McKellen have had some of the most memorable roles in cinema, and are therefore often impersonated, just not usually by the actors playing their past counterparts. Ironically.

    Therefore, this video of James McAvoy doing his Patrick Stewart impression IN FRONT OF PATRICK STEWART is everything. Not to mention that Michael Fassbender does a fantastic Ian McKellen.

    The two younger men looked horrified when their elder counterparts requested to hear the impressions after a prior interview. Apparently doing it in front of them was a bit more intimidating. But their giggling reactions is easily the cutest thing ever.

    And when Ian and Patrick impersonate James and Michael? PERFECT.