America Killed The British Star

If you've been on Doctor Who or Sherlock, just stay in England.
By Emy LaCroix
  • Selfie Trailer ABC

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    Looking through the line-up of new shows coming this summer, I immediately jumped at the mention of Karen Gillen’s new show Selfie. Karen is known for playing the feisty, Scottish Amy Pond on Doctor Who, one of my absolute favorite companions. However, seconds into the promo for the show, I realize that she will destroy the memory of sweet Amy forever. Why couldn’t ABC just leave her alone?!

  • The Carrie Diaries : Freema Agyeman Interview

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    The fabulous Freema Agyeman walked this dark path just last year with a role on the CW’s The Carrie Diaries. As Martha Jones on Doctor Who, she is a quirky girl discovering her power, but in Carrie she’s an editor at Interview Magazine, pressuring Carrie into a life of glam and sex. You’re so much more than just a pretty face, Freema! Hopefully she’ll have another shot since the Carrie Diaries was recently cancelled after one season.

  • THE FIFTH ESTATE Official Trailer

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    Benedict Cumberbatch has done fairly well in American cinema as Khan in Star Trek and the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit. Though neither of those roles let him live up to his full potential as he does in the BBC’s Sherlock, they weren’t as dreadful as The Fifth Estate.

    This was the first American film in which Benedict played the lead (Julian Assange), and, by no fault of his own, he became the star of the worst film of 2013. It offended Mr. Assange, Sherlock fans and every intelligent moviegoer in the U.S. Boo.

  • I propose we close our borders for the protection of British talent.

    Have any of your favorite stars been corrupted by U.S. television? Rant about it in the comments!