Kingsley and The New Trend of YouTube Stars Launching Podcasts

He also talks his crush on Big Sean, his podcast, and his future in TV writing.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Kingsley stopped by our studio at YouTube Space LA to give his opinion on the trends and talk about his podcast, his YouTube channel, and more.

    He also hinted at a retirement from vlogging in December and what the future holds for his empire, including his podcast and his writing.

    Kingsley has jumped into the podcast space alongside a few other YouTube stars (Shane Dawson, Rhett and Link, Toby Turner) who are finding success in bringing their fans off the platform to find new forms of monetization. In terms of his podcast vs. vlogging he says, “There’s only so much you can say when it’s just you,” and his show ‘Overexposed’ allows him to connect in a longer form arena and even become a host/interviewer himself bringing his own friends and stars- including Tyler Oakley- on the show.

    He’s also obsessed with ratchet stories. “People are so stupid and they deserve to be discussed,” he laughs.

    While fans continue to love his vlogging format that made him popular, he says he will be done making videos eventually, which was never his goal. He went to school for journalism but now feels he’d want to write comedy. He doesn’t want to “vlog” in the traditional sense anymore.

    “At the end of December, I will no longer be sitting there talking,” he says. He does, however, want to use his platform for more comedy writing and to possibly launch a scripted series on his channel.