Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige Join Voices Singing “Stay With Me”

In case you were wondering... this IS probably what heaven sounds like.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Live) ft. Mary J. Blige

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    Don’t read any further until you’ve at least listened to that video.

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    In case you were wondering…yeah, that IS what Heaven sounds like. I’d know because I didn’t of musical happiness and came back to write you guys this post.

    The owner of an actual angel’s voice, Sam Smith joined legend Mary J. Blige joined forces, and performed Smith’s smash hit “Stay With Me” as a duet. (You can find this version on Google Play and iTunes right now, by the way) It was masterful to say the least.

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    If you can’t get enough of Sam’s music, his Nirvana EP is available for purchase. Long time fan, and want new music? Well, you’re in luck because Smith’s studio album The Lonely Hour is out June 17. If you pre-order now on iTunes, you’ll get an instant download of “Stay With Me” and 3 other bonus tracks!