Beauty And The Beast On The Big Screen Again

Disney is working on another live-action version of the classic tale as old as time, following the success of "Maleficent."
By Armando Tapia
  • Disney has been on a roll with turning classic stories into live-action blockbuster hits. It all started with “Alice in Wonderland,” followed by “Oz: The Great and Powerful” and most recently “Maleficent,” which grossed $170 million worldwide on opening weekend.

    Continuing the trend of reimagining classic movies, Disney will be making an updated version of “Beauty and The Beast.”

    The film will be directed by Golden Globe and Oscar winner Bill Condon, whose best known for his adaptations of “Dreamgirls” and “Chicago,” as well as the final two instillations of the “Twilight” series movies.

    Cast and plot details have yet to be announced for this remake. However, what has been announced is that Disney has started working on two other versions of the Disney classics, “Cinderella” and “The Jungle Book.” Kenneth Branagh will be directing “Cinderella,” while “The Jungle Book” is set to be directed by Jon Favreau.