You’ve Never Seen Guitar Like This!

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  • Brad Paisley takes my GoPro and plays a slide guitar solo with it!

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    “Brad Paisley, Charlie Worsham, and Randy Houser are rocking out when THE MOST AMAZING thing that has ever happened to me at a live show takes place,” the owner of the Go Pro wrote.

    He goes on to call the video “the perfect storm” because if he’d had the case on his GoPro, which he did not this time, it would have been nearly impossible for Paisley to play slide guitar with the camera at that angle.

    “Not to mention passing the camera without skipping a single note and throwing it back to me perfectly,” he gushed. “INSANE! Its magical moments like these that make live music.”

    I’ve certainly never seen guitar played like that. What a nice fan moment!

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