Wal-Mart Workers Strike All Over The Country

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  • Wal-Mart Strike

    Wal-Mart employees from across the US went on strike yesterday to protest their low pay and long hours. CNN Money interviewed a baker at the Wal-Mart bakery in Dayton, Ohio who said she is paid under 9 dollars an hour and can barely make her rent.

    “Save money and live better?,” Cynthia Brown-Elliott, 48, told CNN yesterday, citing the company’s advertising line. “How can you save money if you’re not making enough money? How can you you live better if you’re not paid enough?”

    Minimum wage is a constant legislative struggle, with some saying it should be raised to 15 dollars an hour as more and more people work menial jobs for big corporations during a bad economy.

    In the above video, workers chant “We can’t take it no more!” The protests have been in cities like Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and are expected to spread to smaller cities.

    “We want a living wage,” the protesters said. They also said they can’t afford healthcare and many are on food stamps. “It’s our sweat and blood that gives them the millions they’re making. We work hard,” one worker interviewed by CNN said.

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