Follow Friday: Don’t Try To Fat Shame This Reporter

Because she will OWN YOUR ASS.
By Emy LaCroix
  • CBS WKBT News Anchor’s On-Air Response to Viewer Calling Her Fat (Oct. 2nd, 2012)

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    “You know nothing about me but what you see on the outside, and I am so much more than a number on a scale.”

    This news anchor for WKBT received a letter from a (sometimes) viewer attacking her weight. The person said, among other things: “Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain.” The full message is below.

  • Letter

    Jennifer Livingston, the reporter, reads the email with a strong and even voice before delivering a scathing response. She begins by acknowledging that being critiques comes with the territory of being in the public eye, “but this email was more than that.”

    “Yes, you could call me fat. And yes, even obese, on a doctors charge. But to the person who wrote me that letter… do you think I don’t know that?” says Livingston.

    She continues to explain that she has a thick skin (literally and figuratively), and would not let this bring her down. However, she also says that it speaks to the power of cyber bullying that happens every day to children that don’t have the same strength. She demands that we stop this kind of act in the name of all of the young people watching.

    She decided to come forward with the letter after her husband, also an anchor, posted it online. Hundreds of community members proved that there are still good people out there, and showed their support for Livingston and “lifted her spirits.”

    Watch the video for some incredible inspiration and strength.

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