Will Glee Star Start A New Dance Craze?

By Mai Linh Nguyen
Harry Shum Jr. decided to make the most of new MJ music by "dance treading."
  • Dance Treading with Harry Shum Jr.

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  • So in the last few years we’ve had jerking, the dougie, twerking…and now, tread dancing?

    With the release of some new Michael Jackson tunes, Glee star Harry Shum Jr. decided to show us more of his dancing skills with his HTC One M8 and a treadmill. This isn’t the first time that Shum has shown us his moves, as he’s gotten the chance to showcase his skills has Glee’s Mike Chang.

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  • You might even remember Harry from many of Apple’s iPod commercials including this one from when the iPod Nano was first able to capture video. However, Harry has been dancing for iPod commercials since the dancers were just different colored silhouettes!

  • New iPod Nano Commercial

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  • Even with all these huge commercials and his role on Glee, Harry Shum Jr. makes sure to stay connected to with growing new media industry. He’s done quite a few sketches with popular YouTubers and filmmakers, Wong Fu Productions, the most popular being this short film from 2012 with YouTube musician Kina Grannis.

  • The Last

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  • So, will you be joining the Glee star in dance treading? I personally might actually start using my neglected gym membership if I knew that there was going to be a flash mob on the treadmills. Let us know what you think about Harry’s moves in the comments below, or tweet us @WhatsTrending!