Gamer Gets Robbed On Camera

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  • Sajedene just got robbed !

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  • What would you do if you saw someone getting robbed at gunpoint as it was happening? Well, some DotA players experienced this when they saw player Sajedene react to a noise coming from the opposite player. Moments after Sajedene leaves the room to check on the commotion, we see an individual dressed in all black enter the room with a gun in his hand.

    This video was quickly voted to the top of Reddit, and a friend of the gamer tweeted this to let everyone know that both people living in that apartment were fine:

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  • It has been reported that one suspect is in custody, while the other is still on the run. Fellow gamers who witnessed the robbery attempted to contact law enforcement, reporting what they saw but didn’t know where it was all happening.

    The police force in Tempe, Arizona have now set up a large perimeter in the area and have even called on air support to help them in their manhunt.

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