What’s Two Tons and Can Eat a Shark Whole?

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    Sharks are the lions of the ocean. They’re the king, the big kahuna and the top of the food chain. So, scientists were shocked when they tagged a nine-foot Great White Shark along with a tracking device washed up on the beach four months later.

    What the scientists found on the device is pretty disturbing.

    The temperature readings spiked more than 30 degrees before it tracked a 1900 foot dive toward the abyss that is the deep ocean. How could an animal go so much deeper than usual and also become instantly warmer?


    But what could eat a Great White? A kraken? The Lochness Monster? The reigning theory right now is a two-ton Colossal Cannibal Great White Shark.

    There goes my weekend at the beach.

    Smithsonian chronicled this strange event in a new documentary “Hunt For The Super Predator,” which airs on June 25th. If you want to know what horrors can be found in the deep blue sea, tune in.

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