Forget Humans, Watson the Robot Takes Over Jeopardy

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  • Jeopardy IBM Watson Episode-1 HD

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    Prepare for the robot takeover! It’s taking over the party!

    IBM’s supercomputer Watson got famous in 2011 when it crushed two of the best Jeopardy players ever. He was made for this purpose: to be able to listen to people and respond intelligently.

    It was successful because Watson is very smart, but his creator Eric Brown wanted him to be more than just smart. He wanted him to be cool too.

    To get Watson to talk more like a human, Brown uploaded every word on Urban Dictionary to his hard drive.

    While Watson picked up on useful slang like “OMG” and common sayings like “hot mess,” he couldn’t understand what was appropriate to say, or when to say it. Apparently his responses became laced with crass and sarcastic quips, like “bullshit.”

    A similar situation happened with Wikipedia and both programs had to be erased. Watson even got a shiny new swear filter out of it!

    How Watson works is actually super interesting, and his stint on Jeopardy is very entertaining. Watch above!

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