Paula Deen Launches Subscription-Based Paula Deen Network

The former Food Network host is launching a multi-platform, subscription-based, interactive, premium content experience that you simply will not believe!
By Chris Menning
  • Welcome to the Paula Deen Network

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    Welcome to the Paula Deen Network, the heart of home cooking! This September, you will be able to connect with Paula 24/7 on your tablet, phone or PC. Register now to be able to be one of the first to access the Paula Deen Network.

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  • The Hollywood Reporter provides the crucial details.

    The Paula Deen Network will contain daily broadcast-quality programming from Deen, where she will share new recipes and cooking tools for her signature Southern dishes and healthy meals. The network will feature both short- and long-form content, with themed shows like “Leftover Mondays” and “Taco Tuesdays,” as well as holiday-themed content. Deen’s family members will also make appearances.

    The network will be accessible via computer, smartphone and tablet, with Smart TV compatibility introduced at a future date.


  • Businessweek compares the move to Glenn Beck

    Other refugees from traditional TV have already adapted similar strategies. Deen and her private-equity backers can study Glenn Beck, for example, on how to build a streaming-TV network around a larger-than-life entertainment personality. Shortly after leaving Fox News (FOXA) in 2011, Beck launched a digital network that was later renamed BlazeTV. For several years the network has amassed a sizable audience—for an independent streaming TV network—by cobbling together a range of deals with traditional and non-traditional distributors.


  • And of course, what good is a Paula Deen post without the obligatory Paula Deen GIFs?

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