The Evolution Of Hugh Jackman’s Dedication To Acting

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  • Jackman

    Hugh Jackman posted this photo on Instagram following the Tony Awards with the caption: “Blackbeard is born. #PAN”

    Filming has begun on the Peter Pan reboot, and once again Jackman is fully committed to his new role. Here’s a look back at some of the lengths he’s gone to to please us in the past.

  • Wolverine

    The sexiest of Jackman’s characters is the insanely buff Wolverine, but that physique didn’t come easy! Jackman told Oprah that he worked for months to get down to 4% body fat. On top of intense daily workouts with trainers, he also adhered to a strict diet of six egg whites and dry toast for breakfast and small protein-rich meals every three hours for the rest of the day. Even his wife of 13 years was impressed saying she couldn’t even recognize him!

    Now that’s commitment!

  • Valjean

    We weren’t surprised when Jackman took on a role in Les Miserables (being such an amazing Broadway performer and all) but we WERE surprised when we could barely recognize him as Jean Valjean.

    Hugh shed twenty pounds (presumably of muscle, see above) for the film, and then went 36 hours before filming the opening scene of the movie without food or water. He says he was meant to look gaunt and ill, as if he had suffered through 19 years of hard labor in prison. He says that he was dizzy, grumpy and had headaches, but it was worth it for the success of the film.

  • 43

    We can all agree that Hugh Jackman takes his acting very seriously, but not TOO seriously as he proves in Movie 43. This transformation came at the hands of the makeup team, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t commit 100% to portraying a man with balls growing out of his chin. Yeah, we said balls.

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