Jim Harbaugh’s Wife In PSA Against Dad Pants

49ers head coach makes fun of himself in funny Dockers commercial.
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    In January, Jim Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah, admitted that her husband wore $8 khakis from Walmart, which surprised everyone seeing that his salary pays him about $5 million a year.

    In response, they filmed this PSA against dad pants.

    “Dad pants: The shapeless, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in everyday,” Sarah said. “I was there. My handsome, vibrant, successful football coach of a husband suddenly looked like he hung the curtains from his belt. Thankfully, Dockers has discovered the antidote for dad pants.”

    Sarah ends the commercial telling those who suffer from dad pants to visit docker.com/stopdadpants to put a stop to the madness that is dad pants.