Senate Shuts Down Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Bill

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  • Warre

    Sorry, Elizabeth Warren. Looks like your student loan bill isn’t going to happen.

    “With this vote we show the American people who we work for in the United States Senate: Billionaires or students,” Warren told the Huffington Post before a senate vote on a refinancing proposal for student loans.

    Um, yeah, they chose billionaires. Sorry guys.

    The Massachusetts Senator has been championing students for years now, but unfortunately she hasn’t been able to get much done.

    This time, she proposed a bill that would help reduce student loan payments by taxing wealthier households. The senate needed 60 votes to stop a republican filibuster, but the vote ended up being 56-38.

    Students in America have now amassed a total of ONE TRILLION dollars in student loans. As bigger and bigger chunks of paychecks go to paying these back, less and less money is going into the economy. This hurts everybody, eventually even billionaires. So maybe they should at least let the house consider helping us out.

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