Angry Birds and Transformers Team Up For An Unlikely Collaboration

Two favorites among kids of all ages are about to be turned into one awesome video game.
By Emy LaCroix
  • Character optimusprime


    Kids love hot dogs, and they also love cotton candy. But the combination would make a disgusting abomination not fit for human consumption.

    We feel the same way about this new Angry Birds and Transformers mashup. Rovio, video game developer, announced with a new website that they would team up with Hasbro to make a new video game and interactive toys that bring in new content, a la Skylanders.

    With the new Transformers movie coming out, kids are sure to be amped up and willing to make their parents buy anything having to do with the franchise, but what about old-school transformers fans? Piggy decepticons? Red-bird Optimus Prime? Disgusting.