Domino’s Pizza Gets Hacked

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    Those darned Internet criminals are at it again!

    On the heels of an attack on Feedly and Evernote last week, hacker group Rex Mundi has now attacked Domino’s Pizza’s French and Belgian franchises.

    The group stole information of over 600,000 customers and has threatened to post all of their personal data, including names, phone numbers, email and home addresses. Even their favorite toppings aren’t a secret anymore. The only way out? For Domino’s to pay 30k euros, which is about 40,000 US dollars.

    Domino’s, and all other hacked companies, have been advised never to play by hacker’s rules, but Domino’s hasn’t been given many options. This attack is different from the DDoS attack against Feedly and Evernote, which threatened to shut down the site. Instead, it puts the customers directly in harms way rather than just denying them service.

    The company needs to do something before 8pm CET tonight, or A LOT of private, pizza-lover info is about to go public.

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