You Can Now Take A Pregnancy Test In An Alaskan Bar

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    What better way to discover you’re pregnant than in an Alaskan bar?

    That’s going to be a reality soon, as a $400,000, 2-year program has been approved for the state, which currently has an outrageous rate of fetal alcohol poisoning. Apparently, women in Alaska are 20% more likely to binge drink while pregnant.

    The program is meant to target the women who drink simply because they weren’t expecting to be pregnant.

    In theory, it’s not a terrible idea. However, we have a feeling that a women who has a reason to take a pregnancy test probably isn’t in a bar, and if she doesn’t think she could be pregnant, she won’t take a test IN A BAR.

    It’s not a surprise that this weird strategy is the brainchild of Republican Senator Pete Kelly, famous for his statement that birth control is for women who “don’t want to act responsibly.” Gag.

    Knowing that he’s behind it, we can’t help but feel like walking into a bar and seeing a bunch of pregnancy tests you’re pressured to take is a form of slut-shaming.

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