Hidden Man Discovered in Picasso Painting

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  • Picasso blue room

    Picasso’s “Blue Room”

  • Picasso3

    Infrared scans of “The Blue Room” revealing the mystery man

  • The Associated Press Reports on the new findings…

    Over the past five years, experts from The Phillips Collection, National Gallery of Art, Cornell University and Delaware’s Winterthur Museum have developed a clearer image of the mystery picture under the surface. It’s a portrait of an unknown man painted in a vertical composition by one of the 20th century’s great artists.

    Source: news.yahoo.com

  • The Independent establishes a history of suspicion surrounding the painting…

    The existence of another painting below the surface of “The Blue Room” was first suspected in 1954 when conservators noticed that brushstrokes did not match the composition.

    A “fuzzy image” was revealed in the 1990s and details became clearer with advanced technology in 2008, when the painting of a woman bathing in Picasso’s studio was turned on its side.

    Source: www.independent.co.uk

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