Reflecting on O.J. Simpson’s Getaway 20 Years Later

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  • It’s been 20 years since 95 million Americans tuned into the real-time media broadcast of O.J. Simpson in the backseat of a white Ford Bronco with a gun held to his head.

    After being accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson Brown, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, he took off on a low-speed car chase, where former football player, Al Cowlings, steered the way.

    Simpson has been in jail since 2007 on armed robbery and kidnapping counts, but the infamous white Ford Bronco was sold to Michael Pulwer, a friend of the Cowlings family, for $75,000. It was last seen on the front lawn of businessman, Peter Brants’, home in Connecticut during a Nate Lowman art event.

    Two decades later, there still hasn’t been an event this big.

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