Lana Del Rey Releases New Album And It’s Dark

The singer releases her third studio album, "Ultraviolence," which gives off a nostalgic vibe woven in with 70s style beats.
By Gillian Burnett
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  • ‘Ultraviolence’ really good, or just so so?

    Lana Del Rey has definitely made a place for herself in the world of pop music, carving out a style that is distinctively her own. Originating from her sophomore album Born to Die, this defining album detailed the dark, twisted, happy, violent world of artist Lizzy Grant, known to the world as Lana Del Rey.

    Ok, so Born to Die was an AMAZING album that you could just press play and listen to on repeat, over and over again. Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey’s latest album, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Born to Die was so phenomenal, we so desperately want it to be just as good… and yet, the album was just ok.

    Lana Del Rey moves into a slightly sadder direction for Ultraviolence. It has a nostalgic vibe woven in with 70s style beats. Reminiscent of a disco era acid trip, with Lana Del Rey’s classic somber style. This works at times and definitely brings in a different unique sound. However, the album is just a little too gloomy, giving off the feeling that this has been done before.

    Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson goes into more detail on Ultraviolence and its nostalgic melancholy sound:

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