Jon Stewart Eviscerates Iraq War Hawks

Host of 'The Daily Show' Jon Stewart absolutely unleashed on the Bush administration's perpetration of the Iraq War in the name of planting "seeds of freedom."
By Chris Menning
  • Jon Stewart – Who Cares About Iraq Opinions of People Who Got the ‘F*cking Thing’ Wrong?!

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  • Daily Kos has the full transcript, including the following highlight.

    And since John McCain was one of the wrongest before and during the war, it’s only fitting that in this current crisis, he was on so many shows, you’d think he just won Dancing with the Stars.


    SEN. JOHN McCAIN, R-AZ, ON MSNBC: The decision was made by the Obama administration to not have a residual force in Iraq.

    SEN. JOHN McCAIN, R-AZ, ON CNN: We left troops behind in Korea, in Germany, in Japan, even in Bosnia. They’re a stabilizing force.

    SEN. JOHN McCAIN, R-AZ, ON MSNBC: We had the conflict won.

    SEN. JOHN McCAIN, R-AZ, ON FOX NEWS: We had that war won, and we blew it.

    And all we would have to do to maintain the victory is stay there forever. It’s like when you win at a casino, and to get the money, you have to live there. (audience laughter)


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  • The Week explains the current geopolitical stage…

    Yes, Jon Stewart is a comedian, and no, The Daily Show isn’t a hard news-and-analysis show. But on Monday night’s show, Stewart gave a remarkably cogent and creative explanation of the geopolitical situation in Iraq. The U.S. and Iran are discussing coordinating their efforts in Iraq to defeat a common enemy, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militia. Meanwhile, ISIS is getting financial support from one of America’s biggest Arab allies, and Iran’s biggest Muslim enemy, Saudi Arabia.


  • Raw Story has more…

    At every turn, Stewart said, McCain has criticized President Barack Obama for pulling U.S. troops out of the region in 2011, without mentioning that it was Obama’s Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, who signed the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq requiring that the U.S. leave the country.

    “What?” Stewart sarcastically gasped. “Only a secret Muslim Kenyan terrorist vegan is shrewd enough to ensure our defeat before he ever took office by Jedi mind-tricking ‘Patriot Man.’ Actually, for him you don’t actually need to use the Jedi mind trick. You just kind of wave your hand.”