Jeremy Messersmith Tells Us What His First Performance At Bonnaroo Feels Like

We caught up with the singer right after he rolled into the music festival.
By Alexandra Zaslow
  • Jeremy Messersmith Performs at Bonnaroo! | #Escape2Roo

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    Jeremy Messersmith flew all the way from his tour in the U.K. to perform at Bonnaroo for the first time!

    “Performing feels like being lost in a sea of people and then when you actually get to play, it’s like you’ve found your little sea of people and that’s pretty great,” Messersmith told us.

    When asked what changes he plans on making while performing at a big music festival as opposed to the small venues he’s used to, he said he is going to take his normal onstage personality and just dial it up a bit.

    Find out more about his band and take a listen to their intimate tunes. Don’t forget to keep up with our coverage of Bonnaroo on Twitter with the #escape2roo and right here!

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