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  • Today is a heavy day for the YouTube community, as one of our own has passed. Claudio Lake, more well known as CMaddoxBiitch online or his drag persona, Madison Maddox, succumbed to his cancer early this morning. It was the news that many people woke up to and everyone in the YouTube community have shared their thoughts. It’s obvious that Claudio was loved by many.

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  • Many of Claudio’s friends and fans were in disbelief this morning when people started tweeting “RIP CMaddoxBiitch.”

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  • Many friends and viewers were shocked because this was only days after Claudio’s last vlog update.

  • MINOR SET BACKS – #StayStrongCMaddoxBiitch

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • In the midst of all of this, daily vlogger, RJ Aguiar reminds us of the real beauty of YouTube.

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  • Our thoughts and prayers are with Claudio’s friends and family. The YouTube community surely lost a bit of light today.

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