Pope Francis Makes History During Sunday’s Mass

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    Source: i.telegraph.co.uk

    Common sense dictates that the church shouldn’t be cool with the mafia, but Pope Francis is actually the first pope to mention “excommunication” in reference to them.

    “Those who in their lives follow this path of evil, as mafiosi do, are not in communion with God. They are excommunicated,” said the pope to an impromptu mass held in the most crime ridden area of Italy, Pope Francis said during yesterday’s mass.

    But why would a bunch of swindling, manipulating and murderous criminals care if God was hearing their prayers? According to The Guardian, many mafia members are incredibly religious and almost cult-like, participating in mass and receiving their sacraments. So, is this enough to scare them out of a life of crime? Maybe not, but it does mark a change in the attitude of the church.

    This statement from Pope Francis comes after the charred body of a three-year-old boy who was left in the wake of Sicily’s mafia.

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