Fans Show YouTube Star Taylor Caniff Support After Homophobic Video Was Released

The YouTuber star in hot water for an old video, but his fans have his back.
By Emy LaCroix
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    YouTuber Taylor Caniff and Justin Beiber have more in common than just fluffy hair and a baby face.

    Both had offensive old videos creep up on them.

    This two-year-old video shows Caniff spewing his opinion of same-sex relationships. “I don’t have nothin’ against you guys,” Caniff said. “But it’s just disgusting.”

    Apparently 15-year-olds should just keep their opinions to themselves, as a video was recently released of J. Beibs at the same age saying the n-word.

    Beiber apologized and people seemed to move on pretty quickly.

    Caniff also has an army behind him. Thousands of fans showed support to the YouTube star and got #WeLoveYouTaylor trending on Twitter. Many included personal videos, photos, or stories about how great and loving Caniff is.

    Check out the insensitive video above.

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    @MGConfessionss is just one of many Twitter fans trying to prove Caniff’s innocence. The adorable-annoying-little-brother-youtuber admitted to the mistake, but in a “give me a break” kind of way.

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    Maybe Taylor can take a page from Justin and give a real apology.