‘Orange Is The New Black’ Adds More Laura Prepon To The Mix

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  • Prepon

    We all binge watched Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black and now we’re left with only the secret details about Season 3: MORE ALEX!

    We first met her in Season 1, when she was introduced as Piper’s former lover who landed her in jail, but we’ve barely seen her since. Fans were disappointed to see that Laura Prepon’s character only made an appearance in four episodes in the most recent season.

    Fear no more! Prepon has announced that she will be a fixture in Season 3. As in, she will be in every episode. Yep, you heard that right. EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

    “It sucked because [show creator] Jenji Kohan and I wanted me to be in it more, but with the schedule, it didn’t happen,” Prepon told Us Weekly at the Critics’ Choice awards. “I was so bummed out. But I handled it, so I’m in every [episode] in season three. It is so good.”

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