Gordon Ramsay Wakes Up From ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

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    With more than 120 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares under his belt, TV chef superstar Gordon Ramsay decided to quit production on the restaurant revamping series.

    Ramsay brought Kitchen Nightmares to FOX in 2007 after first premiering in the UK in 2004.

    With Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and Hotel Hell still going strong, FOX viewers will still get their reality cooking show fix.

    Kitchen Nightmares primarily focused on Ramsay’s efforts to renovate failing restaurants and properly train chefs all over the world.

    Ramsay has visited over 100 restaurants during his 10-year run on the show. He will continue to film the final four episodes of Costa Del Nightmares for U.K’s Channel 4.

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