Heartwrenching Story Of The Little Girl Kicked Out Of KFC Is A HOAX!

The incident that pulled at our heartstrings last week reportedly never happened.
By Emy LaCroix
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    Prepare to have your faith in humanity shattered.

    Last week, we reported on a little girl who had been asked to leave KFC because the scars on her face from a pitbull attack were supposedly disturbing other customers.

    Yea, that never happened.

    We were all heartbroken when we heard this story, and many felt the desire to help this family in some way. KFC offered them $30,000 to cover medical bills, doctors donated their services, and individuals donated over $135,000 to the GoFundMe account.

    KFC hired an investigator to figure out what actually happened with the intention of holding the persons involved accountable for their actions, but what they found was even more disturbing.

    Security footage didn’t record the grandmother and little girl in any of the area KFC’s on the day the incident supposedly happened. Furthermore, there were no orders placed containing the items the grandmother said she purchased — sweet tea and mashed potatoes.

    KFC has stated that even if the story is false, the $30,000 offer still stands. As for the money donated by kind individuals, hopefully they won’t be deterred from kindness in the future because of this hoax.