Kandee Johnson on her Miley Cyrus Transformation! | #VidCon2014

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  • Kandee Johnson can turn herself into anyone.

    Recently it was Taylor Swift, but her next goal is to do more men transformations.

    “It might be totally weird if I’m a better looking man,” the YouTuber told us.

    On the way into VidCon, she got swarmed by her fans.

    “When you’re making your videos and editing them, you’re always alone. But then you see comments and you’re like oh I have a friend kind of, and then when you actually get to see people and touch them and hug them, you’re like oh you’re real… you’re my real friend!”

    Her favorite look from this year? Her Maleficent tutorial.

    “I wanted to go to a store in costume, but thought i’d scare children,” she told us.

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