SMOSH Games Picks The Best Of 2014

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  • SMOSH Games sat down with us at VidCon 2014 and told us the secret to a channel around gaming.

    “Having good audio and having fun are the two keys,” the YouTube stars revealed. “Also, knowing the people you’re gaming with. We’re just kind of fooling around all the time — on and off camera.”

    You’d think it would be difficult to decide what to produce when you have four different personalities coming up with ideas, but not for SMOSH Games. They use that to their advantage.

    “We all kind of come from our own background and we all know what we’re good at, so whatever is going to look best and best entertaining we produce,” they told us. “You come to SMOSH Games because we’re fun personalities, we’re friends having a good time and it’s fun to watch.”

    2014 game of the year? Super Smash Bros.

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