Elliott Morgan – The Hardest Working Man on YouTube! | #VIDCON2014

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  • Elliott Morgan has a lot on his plate… and he’s still going!

    Aside from his new gig at Mashable, he also has his YouTube channel — where he drinks a lot of whiskey.

    Thankfully for his wife, he can stay on track of all his projects because she created a handy dandy calendar for him.

    He left our viewers with one piece of advice, “If you’re going to be doing daily content, do whatever you want to do and don’t worry about all the views and what’s accepted because what I find on YouTube is I gravitate toward the stuff that’s not copying anything,” the busy man told us. “Do your own thing, stay true to yourself and be yourself because if there is one thing the Internet is awesome at, it’s sniffing out if someone is being insincere.”

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