Shay Carl talks Maker vs Big Frame

Shay Carl and his family have a HUGE following and VidCon is their JAM! Are you a Shaytard?
By Chris Menning
  • Shay Carl has been to VidCon every year, but none of the past experiences have been as great as this one for him.

    “It just gets bigger and better every year,” Carl told us. “This has been a great year for me. I had a sweet meeting with Facebook and they’re like showing me all these analytics and best practices, so I feel like as a creator this has been the best VidCon for me.”

    Aside from his book and engaging with more fans, he spoke about the recent trend of YouTube network acquisitions include Maker’s recent sell to Disney for $450 million.

    “People are really taking this seriously,” the YouTuber told us. “This is a new way to entertain, connect and communicate with people around the world and you don’t have to do the traditional thing anymore, you can create things that you like and get it in front of millions of people’s eyeballs.”