Artists Celebrate Musical Accomplishments at 2014 BET Awards

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    Beyonce, Pharrell Williams and August Alsina graced the stage last night at the BET Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, when they accepted their awards.

    The night began with violence for several pre-show partygoers. The awards ceremony was cast in the wake of one death and several injuries, though BET later clarified that the pre-shows in which the incidents occurred were not affiliated with them, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Despite violence among some fans, the BET awards did not fail to entertain the audience. Performances from Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Usher and Lil Wayne punctuated a night of well-deserved recognition for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Beyonce took home the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist title, beating out Janelle Monáe and Rihanna. Pharrell Williams snatched the Best Male R&B/Pop Artist title from a pool including Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. Nicki Minaj continued to impress her fans when she won Best Female Hip Hop Artist – a title she has now held for five years in a row.

    However, the most nostalgic part of the night came from the classic musician, Lionel Richie, who was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His speech summed up the spirit of the awards, as he said, “Soul is a feeling, not a color. Talent is a God-given gift and not a category. And out of the box, out of the box is that magical place where talent — true talent — goes to live and thrive and breathe. And may you never give that up as long as you’re in this business.”

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