Michael Buckley talks YOUTUBE vs HOLLYWOOD! | #VIDCON2014

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  • Michael Buckley joined us for his 5th VidCon to discuss the experience and the expansion of YouTube.

    “This is the most relaxed I’ve been to be honest,” he admitted to us. “I have a lot of anxiety and a bit of trepidation about it because it’s a lot and a big experience and this is the first year I’ve shown up just so relaxed and I’ve been so present.”

    He even dressed more chill than usual!

    The YouTube star is enjoying the ride that his channel has been taking him on. He’s also loved seeing the growth and success of YouTube.

    “It’s so exciting that all of these companies have acquired these networks. Hollywood used to have no interest in YouTube. It was like the stepchild of the industry and now Jerry Seinfeld has a YouTube show, Sarah Jessica Parker has a Yahoo show and Katie Couric is an anchor on Yahoo, so there’s no ‘new media’ anymore, it’s just ‘media.'”

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