KFC’s New Addition to the Menu: Deep-Fried Paper Towel

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    When 7-year-old Oliver Hallam of Newcastle, England bit into his KFC, he received a special surprise to chew on. Within the crispy coating was a ball of blue hand towel (though, admittedly, in the picture it looks like it was battered to KFC perfection).

    While fast food chains are certainly infamous for their lack of hygiene and poor food standards, stepmom Krystal Henderson was not expecting the shock that little Oliver was given. According to the Mirror, Henderson explained she was concerned that the hand roll could have touched anything.

    Mayhap more startling: when Henderson attempted to complain to her local KFC, the chain dismissed her, sending her to customer service. Apparently, at that point, Henderson decided that she and her stepson had bitten off more than they could chew.

    “I was traumatized by it — I was really upset,” Krystal Henderson said. “I went back into the store crying at they said I had to call customer service. I had to keep ringing them and keep following it up. It felt like I had to do all the work when it was their mistake.”

    Unfortunately (…fortunately?), KFC seems to have lost a customer. Krystal Henderson and Oliver Hallam have pledged to never return to KFC again.

    “I work full time and I’m a mother. I just don’t have the time the time to keep chasing them up and ringing around. After what has happened, I shouldn’t have to.”

    This isn’t the first time KFC has made headlines recently. Just last week, it came out that the story of the little girl who was asked to leave the fast food chain because she was “disturbing the customers” turned out to be a hoax.

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