The Vault Coffee Shop Operates On Honor System

“The thing that is amazing is that people have been extremely honest.”
By Monica Lowe
  • David brekke

    A coffee shop located in Valley City, N.D., called The Vault, has been attracting a lot of attention from locals since opening this past October. Now, months later, they’re receiving international attention.

    The Vault is now being hailed as one of the firsts of its kind. The reason is simple: it isn’t your ordinary coffee shop. Founded by husband and wife David and Kimberly Brekke, the shop runs entirely on the honor system, that is: patrons of the shop are to prepare their own coffee or tea, grab their own pastries and pay by slipping cash or check deposits into a slot or by simply swiping their credit cards. These days, The Vault has expanded to serve as a bookstore and center for the arts.

    If the cafe, which one might be able to call a social experiment of sorts, has proven anything, it is that people are in fact good by nature.

    “At the end of the day, people are 15% more generous than theiving.”

    David and Kimberly, thanks for doing what you do!

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