Man’s Scrotum Ballooned To 100 Pounds

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    Meet 39-year-old Dan Maurer from Battle Creek, MI. He has an embarrassing situation and is trying to get help from the public.

    A few years back, Maurer noticed that his scrotum was getting bigger… and bigger… and bigger, to the point where it ballooned to about 100 pounds. Yes, you heard that right, 100 pounds!

    He has a rare condition called scrotal lymphedema, caused by blockages in the lymphatic vessels and doctors haven’t made any significant improvements to treating him. Maurer actually believes his condition was misdiagnosed for years. He sought several treatment options and most of the medical professionals he saw suggested that he needed to lose weight in order for the ailment to subside.

    So, Maurer did just that. He lost fifty pounds. However, as he was getting smaller, his scrotum continued to get bigger. When he was admitted to University of Michigan Health System, the doctor also told him he needed to lose weight.

    It wasn’t until Dan saw a show on TLC called The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum, that he finally realized that there was hope.

    The only hope for Dan is a doctor in California who has agreed to perform the dangerous and expensive surgery in hopes that Dan can live a normal life. He’s asking the public for help with the $20,000 he needs for the procedure. You can donate here.

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