Sherlock Is Back On The Case

The Game Is On... again.
By Monica Lowe
  • Sherlock and moriarty

    Sherlock, everyone’s favorite consulting detective is back on the case. BBC One has confirmed that the show will be returning for its fourth season. A special in addition to a new series of three episodes are said to be in order. Executive producer Sue Vertue has reported that though it has taken a while to get the dates sorted out due to the casts’ schedules—Benedict Cumberbatch’s (Sherlock) and Martin Freeman’s (Dr. John Watson) schedules in particular—production of the special will begin January, 2015. The series itself will begin its production later next year.

    The show, which left off on a cliffhanger in the third season, has understandably brought upon waves of speculation. Theories regarding just how Moriarty, played by the brilliant Andrew Scott, might have faked his own death are now scattered throughout the Internet.

    The answer might take a while to reveal itself as the show won’t be back for a while. But as always, it will most likely be proven worth it.

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