Burger King Adds ‘The Proud Whopper’ To Menu For Limited Time

The fast food chain introduces a new gay pride burger called The Proud Whopper.
By Alexandra Zaslow
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    Burger King is showing off their pride by adding the “Proud Whopper” to their menu for a limited time.

    For the past week, the Burger King on Market Street in San Francisco sold the Proud Whopper, which was a regular ol’ burger, but had rainbow packaging and included a slogan saying, “we are all the same inside.”

    Aside from selling their Proud Whoppers, the Market Street location also passed out about 50,000 rainbow Burger King crowns to passerby during the 2014 San Francisco Gay Pride Festival.

    “Whenever a company comes out in support of gay people, it makes a difference,” Jordan Bach, a consultant to corporations on gay rights issues and a GLAAD media partner said. “But when it’s done right—when it’s done with a campaign that shows the company understands diversity and really believes in the profound acceptance of other people—that sort of marketing can change minds and hearts at the deepest level.”

    The rainbow packaging has now become a collectible item. Today is the last day to get your Proud Whopper on, so if you’re in the San Fran area, run!

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