Footage Of Shark Attack in Manhattan Beach, California

Over the weekend, you might have seen headlines about a shark attack near Manhattan Beach. Well, some footage of the attack has surfaced, and it's not pretty.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Great White Shark Attack “CAUGHT on CAMERA” / Manhattan Beach Pier RAW FOOTAGE

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  • It might be blurry, but the audio alone is bad enough.

    Over the weekend, there were reports of a shark attack near the Manhattan Beach Pier. Sharks aren’t uncommon in the area, but this is the first reported attack in a long time. Well, since the inital reports of the shark attack, this video has surfaced and gained traction online showing that the cause of the attack could have been illegal fishing.

    As stated in many of the reports of this attack, the shark immediately spat the 40 year old swimmer as soon as it bit down. From this video, it would seem that the shark was acting out of fear, as it was actually hooked on a fishing line and was thrashing around to get loose.

    The most disturbing part of this entire video, is the utter disregard for life, human or otherwise. Clearly, this group thought it was a rather entertaining debacle until they realized that someone might have been bitten. Even then, they dismissed someone being bitten as a possibility. Upon realizing that the screams coming from the water were out of pain, and not fear. The group started directing swimmers where to swim towards…in the rudest way possible.

  • Our thoughts to anyone affected by this event, and we wish a quick and full recovery to the bitten swimmer. If Manhattan Beach is your regular surf or swim spot, just remember to keep an eye out and stay safe.