Greg Benson Picks His Best Prank Ever

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  • “Ever since I was a kid, I used to just pull stuff on people, so it kind of makes sense for me to go in that direction,” Greg Benson of Mediocre Films told us at VidCon.

    He loves watching people’s reactions.

    “The reactions of real people are just genuinely fun to watch,” the prankster told us. “I love going out there and actually messing with people, not to ruin their day, but actually make their day better. I try to put a positive spin on my pranks, so usually they laugh or are surprised.”

    He makes sure not to pick women who look like they’d be scared or vulnerable, so he usually going with guys.

    His favorite prank was called “Surprise High School Reunions,” where he went back to Austin, Tx., where he’s from, and surprise people who he hasn’t seen in forever at their front door. He did research and found out where they lived and showed up at their house.

    “It was so fun to shoot,” he told us. “Some people didn’t really remember me and some people did and were so happy to see me.”

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