Cleveland Cavaliers Believe They Have A Shot At A King James Return

The Cavs have made their pitch, and it looks like Lebron is all ears.
By Jay Leone
  • After a recent face to face meeting between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul, it is believed that Cleveland has a legitimate chance of signing the NBA’s most coveted free agent.

    The meeting is seen as the first step in patching up the tainted relationship between James and Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert. The pair had a falling out four years ago after Lebron’s highly publicized, highly controversial decision to leave Cleveland, where he had previously played for seven seasons, to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in joining the Miami Heat.

    In response, Gilbert wrote a scathing open letter to to Cleveland fans in which he ripped Lebron for his “betrayal” and lack of loyalty to his home of Ohio.

    After four years on the Cavaliers website, the letter has been removed. This is seen as a huge step in cooling the tension between the two and potentially landing the soon-to-be 30 year old Akron, Ohio native back in Cleveland where he began his playing days back in 2003.

    The Cavaliers still have plenty of work to do, however. They must clear a chunk of cap space in order to give James the maximum $20.7 million contract he’s seeking.

    Whether or not Lebron wants to leave Miami is unclear, but we do know that he wants an immediate shot at a third NBA championship; The Cavaliers claim to have exactly that, boasting a stellar squad of young stars including Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and this years’ number one draft pick and college standout, Andrew Wiggins. It would be a relief for James to have some youth around him after playing on one of the oldest teams in the league last season. Cleveland also has a potential three first round picks in next years draft, which could be used as possible trades to further upgrade the roster.

    Let’s not jump to conclusions, Lebron has yet to meet with any team. He is scheduled to meet with Heat General Manager, Pat Riley, later this week. This will most likely give us more insight into what will transpire in the following weeks and where James will ultimately end up.

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