Skateboarding Police Officer Hopes To Break Barriers

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  • World’s First Skateboard Cop

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    Cops are always out to get skateboarders, right? Not this guy.

    Meet officer Joel Zwicky of Green Bay, Wis. At first glance he seems to be just a normal police officer, wearing his kevlar vest, his weapon and radio at his side. However, when you see his wheels, it’s obvious that he’s not like the rest of them.

    Officer Zwicky, 40, patrols the parks and streets on his Green Bay Police customized long board, and he’s the first one in the world to do it.

    “It is an idea I had two years ago. Initially the idea got some laughs for years, but this year it seemed like a good idea as the chief wanted us to get out of our cars and engage with the public more,” Zwicky told the Daily Mail. “It has been fantastic since we rolled out the skateboard.”

    His innovation been receiving a lot of support from the community.

    “There has been all kinds of support from the people I meet while I am out skating.”

    And if he receives a “hot call” or an emergency, his unmarked Dodge police car is always just minutes away. He just tosses the board on the passenger seat, and he’s on his way.

    Zwicky says he hopes to hopes to introduce a full unit of skateboard cops to the Green Bay PD. He also has a blog that you can check out.

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