‘Pretty Little Liars’ Celebrates 100 Episodes, Cast Shares Dark Secrets

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  • Pretty Little Liars – The Cast & Crew Celebrate 100 Episodes

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    Okay so maybe it’s not deep dark secrets per say, but apparently it’s not just the fans who are shocked about the plot’s twist and turns on the ABC Family hit show “Pretty Little Liars.” The cast sat down and reminisced with the Hollywood Reporter, as they celebrated the show’s 100th episode.

    Actress Lucy Hale, who plays Aria Montgomery, couldn’t believe her handsome teacher turned boyfriend Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) ended up having a secret romantic past and infatuation with Allison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse). “I never thought that he would be the bad guy. It makes sense now because he was a little too perfect, too good of a boyfriend,” Hale told the Hollywood Reporter.

    It’s not just Hale who was shocked by her character’s boyfriend possibly having a dark side, Troian Bellisario’s character Spencer Hasting, as well as her fans, were made to believe her boyfriend, Toby Cavanaugh, was either “A” or A’s minion. “Toby being ‘A’ was a huge shift. That was a big twist. And even though I knew that they would probably reveal that he was working for the good guys, it was still pretty shocking,” Bellisario said.

    Even Shay Mitchell was surprised when her character, Emily Fields, befriends Toby, just to find out he could be the one putting her and all of her friends in danger. “For me, it was the Nate and Emily kiss [in season one], and also Toby turning around and being ‘A,'” said Mitchell.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    The cast promised more plot shockers, but didn’t want to spoil all the fun. Tune in to ABC family TONIGHT to catch the 100th episode of PLL!

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