Brian Johnson Reveals Next AC/DC Album

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  • AC/DC – For Those About to Rock – 12/5/1988

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    Brian Johnson, of the legendary Australian hard rock band AC/DC, recently revealed that the next AC/DC album is already finished and due to release.

    Following Black Ice, 2008, the currently untitled album will be the group’s 17 studio album released to date. The absence of founding member Malcolm Young due to health complications, however, has been difficult on the group. Johnson initially considered calling the album “Man Down,” but told Classic Rock magazine, “[that’s] a bit negative and probably just straight from the heart”.

    Fortunately, Malcolm Young’s nephew, Stevie, was able to fill in for the recording of the album having previously sat in with the group in 1988. With the help of the younger Young, the recording of the album was a success. And, according to Johnson, AC/DC is not just releasing a new album but also preparing for a world tour next summer.

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