Lebron Could Be Going Back To Cleveland — For Real This Time

In a 3 team swap between the Celtics, Nets and Cavaliers, Cleveland now has the cap room necessary to sign Lebron.
By Greg Baker
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    Source: www.chicagonow.com

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are now the front runner to land King James.

    By trading Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev to the Nets, and Tyler Zeller to the Celtics, the Cavs now have enough cap space to offer Lebron the maximum amount of money allowed by the NBA.

    Following his ‘decision’ in July of 2010, Lebron could now be going back to the city that he once deserted. Cavs fans who burned their Lebron jerseys a few summers ago might want to rethink their decision.

    This trade also means big things for Boston — they acquired Cleveland’s first round pick in 2016 in the trade, as well. This gives them six first round picks over the next two seasons, adding to the rumors that they could trade for fellow superstar Kevin Love.

    Additionally in the trade, the Nets send Marcus Thornton to the Celtics, helping them take on Jack’s contract.

    Now that Cleveland has the cap room to sign him, it looks like Lebron might be taking his talents up north, away from South Beach this time around.