Emma Mills and Mike Martin Teach Us “How To Adult” | #WebCrushWednesday

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  • Ever wish you were able to take a “Things You Might Need To Know For Say…THE REST OF YOUR LIFE” class in high school? Yeah, us too. While some of us have already had to learn how to do things the hard way, there’s now help for those who still need to learn how to adult.

  • How to Do Your Taxes EXPLAINED! – 5

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  • More of Your Taxes Explained (with Hank Green)! – 6

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  • These two videos alone are worth their weight in gold for those starting their first jobs, and don’t understand taxes. SO USEFUL!

    The How to Adult channel was produced by Hank Green with author of “The End Games” T. Mike Martin, and Emma Mills, otherwise known as Elmify on YouTube. They saw the problem of many people not aware of useful things to know when you’re out on your own as a freshly branded adult, and sought to help people out!

    The channel covers subjects from taxes (seriously….so useful), what to do/not to do when it comes to doing your laundry, and even how to make friends as an adult. The episodes are done in easily understood, digestible chunks of information that are sprinkled with humor.

  • 3 Ways to Make Your Internship or Summer Job CHANGE YOUR LIFE! – 16

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  • They even have some videos for those in that weird cocoon state, where you’re not a kid anymore, but you’re not a full on adult yet either. Like this video about how to make the most of your internships and summer jobs to leave an impression! This What’s Trending writer will have you know that these tips are definitely helpful, as I actually started as an intern at What’s Trending.

  • How to Cook Spaghetti – 10

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  • We’re also leaving this video here for good measure, in case there’s anyone out there still playing the Cup Noodle game. Granted, those artificially flavored soups and noodles can be pretty tasty, sometimes you just need some variety in your life! Or maybe you just need this video for days when your parents come visit and you don’t want to hand them that familiar styrofoam cup.

    So, providing the service of teaching us things that home ec never really could, is why the How to Adult team are our #WebCrushWednesday.

    Have any suggestions for who our next web crush should be? Leave a comment down below telling us who we should check out and why, and they just might be on our site next Wednesday!

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