Xavi Hernandez Reportedly Joining NYC FC (Because, Yes, That’s Going To Be A Real Team Come 2015)

The Barcelona star might not be heading to the Middle East after all.
By Monica Lowe
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    Xavi Hernandez, 33, who has been playing football for Barcelona since 1991, has one of the most impressive careers in football. From having won just about every club trophy possible to winning the World Cup with Spain in 2010, the football star has been something along the lines of a leading man in the world of football.

    Well, the remarkable football star is reportedly leaving Barcelona after numerous years to join the new football club, New York City FC which will make their debut in 2015.

    If Xavi does join, he is said to be playing alongside his friend David Villa and possibly friend Frank Lampard.

    If Xavi does end up playing for The Big Apple, there will be a whole lot of rejoicing.

    New York football fans are all likely crossing their fingers this very minute.